Custom Styled Images

While Styled Stock Photography and Flatlays are nearly interchangeable terms, there is a difference. Styled Stock photographs are images with objects tastefully arranged in a manner that is both attractive and complementary to your brand. Flatlays are the same, but incorporate objects, or even your product(s), directly related to your business, and colors and backgrounds that complement your brand.

Both Styled Stock photos and Flatlays are great to have for use with blog headers, business cards, websites, advertising, and social media. Styled Stock photos are stylish images with a more general use across multiple platforms to create a sense of consistency to your target audience and customers. Flatlays are an opportunity to showcase your product, but don’t necessarily have to incorporate your product. The importance of Flatlays is using, or creating, an image with objects and colors that relate to your business (like I would use a camera).

I recently held a workshop to mentor and guide small and creative business owners, like yourself, on how to create their own Flatlays. I like to provide this service as well so that new business owners and business owners on a budget have the opportunity to learn a creative way to cost effectively inherit new images for their brand. Everyone deserves to have their own customized images; bring your ideas and together we can create Flatlays for your next campaign!

Styled Stock photos and Flatlays are images that give you the opportunity to express and display the creative side of your business. The great thing about these photos is that they are versatile in use across many platforms and can be specifically customized and designed to reflect your brand and business.

Custom Styled Stock and Flatlays

Starting at $200

Love styled stock images, but just aren’t finding what you need for your brand?

This session gets you customized stock images that fit your brand colors and style so you can start creating that consistent look.

Includes a backdrop of choice, styling of items, shoot time, and florals. You can provide items to be styled or additional budget for items to be styled.

Images will be provided in a gallery for you to choose from.